Growth and Decline:

TVDSB has seen continual growth over the past three years.  For the upcoming school year, the board is projecting an additional 3,400 students, an increase of over 2% (source). This growth is expected to continue through 2022.  TVDSB has noted that schools in residential growth areas can yield higher enrollments than older neighbourhoods.  In Wards 2-6, there are a number of schools that are seeing growth due to new construction. has suggested that we need to consider Education Development Charges as a way to address growth needs within our schools.  I’d like to see TVDSB as an external stakeholder involved in the DC rate setting for the City of London (even if educational development charges are out of reach Provincially mandated and unlikely to change). There is also a need to better coordinate services and board planning with the City.  

While some schools are seeing growth, other area schools are declining.  This will likely be an issue that newly elected trustees will need to address.  I’m committed to finding efficiencies but not to the detriment of our students and staff.  

I've worked on a school expansion and participated in an Attendance Area review, I know how challenging it can be to navigate these policy heavy community-wide discussions.  I'd like to see greater transparency and better supports for the community related to these processes.   

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