My commitment to you:    

I will continue to be a strong voice for our children, staff, parents and community.  I’m here to listen and willing to help.

I fully understand and will adhere to the board principles.  


Principle 1 The Board of Trustees exists to govern the school system in the best interests of its students.

Principle 2 The Board of Trustees is accountable to its public school supporters.

Principle 3 The Board of Trustees represents the interests of its students, parents and the community.

Principle 4 The Board of Trustees speaks with one voice through its policies and decisions.

Principle 5 The Board of Trustees is responsible for defining the expected outcomes and policies essential to meeting the organization’s mission, vision and commitments.

Principle 6 The Board of Trustees holds the Director of Education accountable for implementation of Board policies and Board decisions.  

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